June 5, 2016


Dear participants,
Dear sports friends,

As you know, the 3rd World Company Sport Games that were supposed to take place in 2022 in León have been postponed and will be held in Mexico, León during december 2023.

This decision follows consultation with all stakeholders, sports organisations, national and European authorities, to ensure an event that meets everyone's concerns: quality of organization, health security and good economic conditions.

We guarantee appropriate, transparent and responsible communication. Do not hesitate, if necessary, to contact us as you already do, via your team or company managers. Please confirm your intention to participate and contact the organising committee (https://www.leon2022.org/host/).

First Bulletin ENhttps://www.leon2022.org/bulletins/

You will find in our gallery some memories from the previous World Company Sport Games. https://worldcompanysport.org/media/

We hope to see many of you for an exceptional 2023 edition of the León World Games.


President of the WFCS



30 09 2022 Assemblee generale MAROC

The Association for the Promotion of Corporate Sport in Morocco (APSEM), hosted this Saturday, October 1, the Annual General Assembly of the World Federation of Corporate Sport (WFCS) which it is a member since June 2019 and which it ensures the Vice Presidency as representative of Africa.

APSEM, launched on 6 April, 2019 on the occasion of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace created by the UN and chaired by Mr. Younes El Mechrafi, General Manager of the Moroccan Games and Sports, aims to contribute to the well-being and inclusion of employees as well as to the development of the collective companies’ performance and society through sport. APSEM is managed by an office composed of the eight founding members, including the CGEM, the CMIM, the BMCI and the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Morocco, as well as by a Board of Directors.

The mission of APSEM, is perfectly in line with the mission of the World Federation of Corporate Sport  which is for its part a non-profit association, chaired by Mr. Didier Besseyre since its creation in 2014 and bringing together 30 corporate sport federations and associations developing corporate sport on different continents.
Composed mainly of companies of all sizes and various activities, the associations and federations in each country work to promote the practice of sports in companies.

The WFCS' main missions are to strengthen human and cultural contacts across national borders through sport, to promote regular physical activity in companies and to highlight the recreational and health benefits of mass sport.


The General Assembly of the WFCS held for the first time in Morocco and on the African continent on Saturday, October 1, reviewed the activities carried out during the year 2021, devoted part of its agenda to the holding and organization of the next World Corporate Sport Games to be held in Leon (Mexico) in 2023, Catania (Italy) for the 2024 edition, and Frederikshavn (Denmark) for that of 2026.

On this occasion, Mr. Besseyre, President of the WFCS said:
"We are particularly excited to be in Morocco, and in Casablanca. This is the first time we have held a General Assembly outside Europe. With the World Games being held in Leon, it is a refreshing signal for a young international federation like ours. Morocco is positioning itself as a leader on the African continent in the field of corporate sport, as shown by the excellent quality of the Corporate Sport Forum organized on September 30th in the presence of the Moroccan employers and with the very important support of the State through the presence of the Minister of National Education and Sports.”


As a reminder, the World Corporate Sport Games traditionally take place every two years, and consist of a week of sports competitions open to all, including an opening and closing ceremony. These events welcome around 8,000 participants of more than 40 nationalities and bring together more than 200 companies. The last editions were held in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) in 2016, in La Baule (France) in 2018 and in Athens (Greece) in 2021 after two postponements due to the pandemic.


More press papers here



Due to the pandemic that disrupted the registration period as well as the current international situation, the Executive Committee of the World Federation for Company Sport (WFCS), the authorities of the state of Guanajuato, the elected officials of the city of León and those of the Mexican Company Sport Federation have made the decision to postpone the 4th edition of World Company Sports Games, originally scheduled in León from Tuesday December 6 until Saturday December 10, 2022.


The León World Games will therefore take place from December 6 to 10, 2023.


The information provided in 2021/2022 relating to registrations will remain valid including for most prices. An updated bulletin N°2 will however be sent to you in September 2022.

We thank you for sharing this information with your athletes and companies.

Wishing you in advance an excellent summer,



Du fait de la pandémie qui a perturbé la période d’inscription et de la situation internationale actuelle, le Comité Exécutif de la Fédération mondiale du sport d’entreprise, les autorités de l’état de Guanajuato, les élus de la ville de León et ceux de la Fédération Mexicaine des Jeux d’Entreprise ont pris la décision de reporter les 4ème Jeux mondiaux du sport d’entreprise, initialement prévus à León du mardi 6 au samedi 10 décembre 2022.


Les Jeux Mondiaux de León se dérouleront donc du 6 au 10 décembre 2023.


Les informations fournies en 2021/2022 relatives aux inscriptions resteront valables y compris pour la plupart des prix. Un bulletin N°2 mis à jour vous sera toutefois communiqué courant septembre 2022.

Nous vous remercions de bien vouloir communiquer cette information auprès de vos sportifs et des entreprises.

Vous souhaitant par avance un excellent été,


As validated during the last General Assembly in Athens, the process for applications is opened to every WFCS member and city who would like to host the 2026 World Company Sport Games.

The deadline for application and sending letter of intent from the federation and the city is January 15th, 2022.

Who will be the next city to host the Games after Athens in 2021, Léon in 2022 and Catania in 2024?



The round table on the topic "Mechanisms for the development of corporate sports" at the forum "Russia - a sports power" was held by the president of the All-Russian Physical Culture and Sports Society "Labor Reserves" Ilya Galaev The ninth International Sports Forum "Russia-a sports power" was held in Kazan on September 8-9. On the first day of the congress, the president of the All-Russian Physical Culture and Sports Society "Labor Reserves", Russia WFCS Member, Ilya Galaev held a meeting on the topic "mechanisms for the development of corporate sports" in the format of a round table. The discussion was attended by Maxim Urazov, Director of the Department of Physical Culture and Mass Sports of the Ministry of Sports of Russia, Ruslan Khabibov, Minister of Sports of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Boris Paikin, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture, Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs, as well as representatives of commercial and non-profit organizations such as PJSC MMC Norilsk Nickel, ANO Atom-Sport, the Russian Computer Sports Federation, as well as Mr. Didier Besseyre, President of the World and European Federation for Company Sport.

During the round table, effective forms of involving employees of various enterprises and organizations in systematic physical culture and mass sports were discussed.

"Corporate sports is actively developing now. There is a lot of attention to it. This is indeed the contingent of people (the economically active population) that we need to involve in systematic sports activities in order to improve the health of the nation, so that citizens themselves become more successful at their enterprises and organizations. Now we are at the beginning of the road, so we encourage everyone to join and get involved in the development of corporate sports. And only by joint efforts will we achieve our goal, " Ilya Galaev stressed.

The President Didier Besseyre stated that “The recent months have also transformed a lot our way of living, our way of thinking, our way of working and our way of practicing sport. I am 100% convinced that after these hard months, there is an opportunity to develop models of company sport taking care of health, wellbeing, management, social relationships, company culture. We have a big challenge to face especially with the development of teleworking but thanks to digital tools for example, we are able to be ready for fighting against sedentariness, that kills much more than cigarettes. “ He also invited all participants to visit Athens and enjoy 3rd World Company Sport Games from 6th until 10 October 2021.

During the discussion, the participants of the round table shared the best practices of corporate events, discussed the development of personnel patriotism in the company based on sports and a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the meeting, Ilya Galaev, the president of the "Labor Reserves", invited everyone to participate in the discussion and formation of initiatives within the framework of creating a concept for the development of corporate sports in Russia. You only need to fill out an application. Recall that the goal set by the president is that by the 30th year at least 70% of Russians can systematically engage in sports.

Sans titre (21)

Dear members of the World Federation for Company Sport, Dear friends,

Following our recent letter of April 11th, on the advisability of postponing the World Company Sports Games in Athens scheduled for next June, we note that your feedback is clearly in favor of postpone the event after the summer.

Based on your fears, your suggestions, and your requests, we had asked the Greek organizing committee for several days to work on the possibility of a plan B.
Because even if we all hope for an improvement in the situation in the coming weeks, even if the specialists predict this improvement, strong uncertainties remain two months before the event. These fears, the delay in vaccination in some countries, will not allow, despite the significant efforts made by our Greek friends in recent weeks to offer a safe event, to ensure a sufficiently high level of participation.

According to your wishes and to consider the international situation, we must resolve to implement plan B.
The success of an event of this type does not mean only to a perfect organization, it also requires a significant participation, and it is indeed on this precise point that we took into account your alerts when deciding to postpone the Games after the end of summer.

Your feedback to our "mini survey" positions the best period for this postponement to the first week of October, so we officially inform you that the World Company Sport Games in Athens will take place from Wednesday 06th to Sunday 10th October 2021.

The level of vaccination will be good a priori, so we invite you to inform your teams, your clubs, your companies of this postponement. We thank you for mobilizing them, for inviting them to plan training and physical preparation up to the level of safety necessary for any form of competition.

The safety of participants and the quality of the organization remain the main points of vigilance of the WFCS Executive Committee and the local organizing committee. The experience of the last few months prompts us to be very cautious, and in accordance with the almost unanimous request, our Greek friends are already working to plan all the necessary changes in connection with the Greek national authorities in order to allow an event where pleasure will prevail.

To allow us to make extraordinary Games, to make this choice the best choice, we thank you for being our ambassadors once again. Also, all of you, officials of WFCS member federations, club managers, company managers ... we ask you to register or register many of your colleagues, your athletes, to make these Games one of the first major events of return to normal life.

We thank you in advance to contact the local organising committee who already decided to extend registrations until 5th September 2021.

These Games, we want them to be magnificent, we all dream of them, we need them, we also wish them to thank our Greek friends for their efforts and to thank you all for your support and understanding.

Didier Besseyre, WFCS President

Sans titre (21)

Dear WFCS members,

As usual, we would like to inform you about the recent news and updates of our future World Company Sport Games in Athens from June 16th to 21st, 2021. Few days ago, you received the newsletter from the Greek organizing committee which dealt in particular with the issue of the health protocol.

We draw your attention to this protocol validated by the Greek government authorities. Our own services noted that this protocol was serious and in perfect coherence withhealth protocols currently working in several WFCS member countries.

We have just had several meetings with the local Organizing Committee. As we have already been able to indicate during our last official communication on February 5th, our Greek friends confirm with determination the maintenance of the Games. We have the will and the ambition to organize them next June.

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the safety of participants, the quality of the event and compliance with the instructions of local, national and international authorities have been our priorities. We are fully aware of the uncertainty that weighs on all of our activities, the current difficulties, particularly related to the development of the various variants or the delays in vaccinations.

At this time, without denying the problems, our duty is to remain hopeful and to offer you a courseand direction. The Games will take place in 3 months, we hear your desire to doand play sportswhereasmany have been without this possibilityfor a year.

We take this opportunity to salute and thank our clubs and companiesfor their strong support. We have only received a few cancellation requests. You mainly want to go back tosports fieldsand take advantage enjoy this great sport, tourismand friendly moment.

For all these reasons, we are continuing our efforts as well as our vigilance because, here and there, we observe difficulties. Our Greek friends are on the move to organize these Games under the best possible conditions.

Please find below the health protocol, validated by the Greek authorities and in particular by the General Secretariat for Sports. •English: https://www.athens2020.org/wcsg2021/hygiene-protocol
This specific and rigorous protocol will be adapted depending onthe COVID crisis evolution. In addition, the full support of the Greek national authorities is clear : among the first positive initiatives, the decision of the Greek government to welcome international tourists from May 14th (see the article).
This allows us to reasonably hope for the safe reception of participants in Athens.We also confirm you the extension of the registration deadline since May 10th, in order to provide ample time to the participants to adequately plan their trip to Greece.
We are also counting on you to relay this message to your participants, to inform them in complete transparency and to assure them of our best sporting greetings.
We remain at your disposal for any further information, and we hope to see you all together really soon.
WFCS President
Didier Besseyre


Click here to download the official statement :

French : https://worldcompanysport.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/WFCS-WCSG-Athens-Statement-19-03-21-FR.pdf

English : https://worldcompanysport.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/WFCS-WCSG-Athens-Statement-19-03-21.pdf

Sans titre (21)

Dear all,

As you know, the 3rd World Company Sport Games that were supposed to take place in June 2020 in Greece have been postponed and will be held in the Greek capital from 16 to 20 June 2021.
This difficult decision, taken in total agreement with the organising committee and the Greek authorities, was necessary, and your support and greetings have underlined its relevance.

Recently, some of you informed us of a rumour regarding a possible further postponement and have also expressed your disagreement with this possible situation.
Do not worry about a further postponement as we firmly deny this rumour. Indeed, even if the news hasn’t been as positive as we expected in some countries, we remain careful and continue to work with the local organising committee and the Greek authorities with the aim of welcoming you next June in Athens. The health situation in Greece, which was kept under control last year and which seems to remain under control at the moment, makes us all the more confident.

The organising committee is in constant collaboration with the Greek authorities, in particular the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Sport, in order to ensure the quality of this major event, its health security and to maintain advantageous economic conditions.

Our Greek friends are extremely careful and responsible, which will ensure the success of an organisation that complies with the regulations and with our requirements. They will soon provide us with all the detailed information you need to continue the registration process and start dreaming of these Games that we are all waiting for.

We guarantee appropriate, transparent and responsible communication. Do not hesitate, if necessary, to contact us as you already do, via your team or company managers. Please confirm your intention to participate and contact the organising committee (welcome@athens2020.org - https://www.athens2020.org/).

Without a doubt, your encouragement will be the fuel for their investment. They are counting on you and we know we can count on them.


President of the WFCS


Chers tous,

Comme vous le savez, initialement prévus à Athènes en juin 2020, les 3ème Jeux mondiaux du sport d'entreprise ont été reportés et se tiendront dans la capitale grecque du 16 au 20 juin 2021.
Cette décision difficile, prise en accord total avec le comité d’organisation et les autorités grecques, s’imposait, et vos nombreux témoignages de soutien et de remerciements en ont d’ailleurs souligné la pertinence.

Récemment, certains d’entre vous nous ont fait part d’une rumeur concernant un possible nouveau report. Vous nous avez également fait part de votre désaccord sur cette éventuelle position.
Evidemment, nous démentons fermement cette rumeur. Ne soyez pas inquiets car même si, à ce jour, les nouvelles de certains pays ne sont pas conformes à ce que nous souhaiterions, même si nous restons très attentifs et prudents, nous continuons à travailler avec le comité local d’organisation et les autorités grecques dans le but de vous accueillir en juin prochain à Athènes.
La situation sanitaire en Grèce, qui fut maintenue sous contrôle l’an dernier et qui semble le rester actuellement, nous incite d’autant plus à demeurer confiants.

Le comité d'organisation est en collaboration constante avec les autorités helléniques, notamment le ministère de la Santé et le ministère des Sports, afin d'assurer la qualité de ce grand événement, sa sécurité sanitaire et maintenir des conditions économiques avantageuses.

Nous sommes les témoins attentifs et satisfaits de l’engagement responsable de nos amis grecs nécessaire à la réussite d’une organisation conforme à la réglementation et à nos exigences. Ils nous fourniront prochainement toutes les informations détaillées dont vous avez besoin pour poursuivre les inscriptions et commencer à rêver concrètement de ces Jeux que nous attendons tous.

Nous garantissons une communication adaptée, transparente et responsable. N’hésitez pas, si besoin, à nous contacter comme vous le faites déjà, via vos responsables d’équipe ou d’entreprise. Nous vous remercions de confirmer votre intention de participation et de communiquer avec le comité d’organisation (welcome@athens2020.org - https://www.athens2020.org/)

A n’en pas douter, vos encouragements seront le carburant de leur investissement. Ils comptent sur vous et nous savons pouvoir compter sur eux.

Bien à vous tous.

Président de la WFCS


Estimados amigos,

Como ya sabéis, los III Juegos Mundiales del Deporte de Empresa que debían tener lugar en junio de 2020 en Atenas se han pospuesto y se celebrarán en la capital griega del 16 al 20 de junio de 2021. Esta difícil decisión, tomada de pleno acuerdo con el comité de organización y con las autoridades griegas, era necesaria, y vuestras numerosas muestras de apoyo y agradecimiento han subrayado su pertinencia.

Recientemente, algunos de vosotros nos habéis informado de un rumor sobre un posible nuevo aplazamiento y nos habéis transmitido vuestro desacuerdo con tal posibilidad. Por supuesto, negamos firmemente este rumor. No os preocupéis porque, aunque hoy en día las noticias que nos llegan de algunos países no son las deseadas, seguimos siendo muy atentos y prudentes, y seguimos trabajando con el comité local de organización y las autoridades griegas para recibiros en Atenas el próximo mes de junio. La situación sanitaria en Grecia, que se mantuvo bajo control el año pasado y que parece seguir estándolo por el momento, nos da más razones para seguir adelante con los Juegos.

El comité de organización trabaja codo con codo con las autoridades griegas, en particular con el Ministerio de Sanidad y el Ministerio de Deportes, para garantizar la calidad de este gran evento, su seguridad sanitaria y mantener unas condiciones económicas ventajosas.

Apoyamos del compromiso responsable de nuestros amigos griegos, tan necesario para el éxito de una organización que cumple con la normativa y con nuestros requisitos. Pronto nos proporcionarán todos los detalles necesarios para continuar con el proceso de inscripción y empezar a soñar con estos Juegos que todos estamos esperando.

Garantizamos una comunicación adaptada, transparente y responsable. No dudéis, si es necesario, en poneros en contacto con nosotros como ya lo hacéis, a través de los responsables de vuestros equipos o empresas. Por favor, confirmad vuestra intención de participar y poneos en contacto con el comité de organización (welcome@athens2020.org - https://www.athens2020.org/).

Sin duda, vuestro apoyo alimentará sus esfuerzos. Cuentan con vosotros y sabemos que podemos contar con ellos.


Presidente de la WFCS


Dear participants,
Dear sports friends,

Following our previous communications concerning the postponement of the World Company Sport Games in Athens due to the COVID 19 health crisis, we had indicated to you that the new date of the games would be determined in early June in coordination with the Organizing Committee for Athens Games and the Greek authorities.

It's now done and decided, so please note that the next World Company Sport Games (WCSG) will take place in Athens from June 16th until -20th June, 2021.

This decision follows consultation with all stakeholders, sports organisations, national and European authorities, to ensure an event that meets everyone's concerns: quality of organization, health security and good economic conditions.

You have already received information on the registration / reimbursement procedures for the Games and the exceptional measures taken by the Greek government to extend the credit period for hotels, transport and other services to 18 months. We invite you to contact the Organizing Committee in the coming days and weeks and confirm your registrations and / or officially register your company, your teams for the 2021 Games.

The Organizing Committee will also complete this information and is at your disposal for any further information (Website and email welcome@athens2020.org).

We hope to see many of you for an exceptional 2021 edition of the Athens World Games.

Best regards,

Didier Besseyre,
WFCS President


Chers participants,
Chers amis sportifs,

Lors de nos précédentes communications concernant le report des Jeux Mondiaux d’Athènes du fait de la crise sanitaire COVID 19, nous vous avions indiqué que la nouvelle date des jeux serait déterminée début juin en relation avec le Comité d’Organisation des Jeux d’Athènes et les autorités grecques.

C’est chose faite, aussi nous vous prions de noter que les prochains Jeux Mondiaux du Sport d’Entreprise (WCSG) se dérouleront à Athènes du 16 au 20 juin 2021.

Cette décision fait suite à une concertation avec toutes les parties prenantes, les instances sportives, les autorités nationales et européennes, afin de vous assurer un évènement qui répond aux préoccupations de tous : qualité d’organisation, sécurité sanitaire et bonnes conditions économiques.

Vous avez déjà reçu des informations sur les modalités d’inscription/remboursement pour les Jeux et les mesures exceptionnelles prises par le gouvernement grec pour prolonger le délai des avoirs pour les hôtels, les transports et autres services à 18 mois. Nous vous invitons à vous rapprocher du Comité d’Organisation dans les prochains jours et de confirmer vos inscriptions et/ou d’engager officiellement votre entreprise, vos équipes pour les Jeux 2021.

Ce dernier ne manquera pas de compléter ces informations et se tient à votre disposition pour tout renseignement complémentaire (Site web et par email welcome@athens2020.org)

Nous espérons vous retrouver nombreuses et nombreux pour une édition 2021 exceptionnelle des Jeux Mondiaux d’Athènes.

Bien à vous tous,

Didier Besseyre
Président de la WFCS


Dear sport friends,

At first, I would to express my solidarity and my deepest thoughts to the people who are suffering by the pandemic.

We are living in times where humanity is making an unprecedented effort to limit the effects of the Covid-19. It is at times like these that sport community needs to show responsibility and solidarity, as we have always used to show.

As you can understand, an event like the World Company Sport Games, with several thousands of participants from more than 70 countries, requires a complex organization and it implies that significant costs have already been incurred. This postponement reflection needed these last days and weeks a complete discussion and commitment with all stakeholders, sport organisations, national and European public authorities in order to ensure for you the most secured event, our first priority, and then ensure a correct economic model for everyone.

As a result of this unprecedented situation and taking into consideration the similar decisions made so far by all the major sport organisation globally - the World Federation for Company Sport has decided, in agreement with the Greek Organising Committee, the rescheduling of the Athens 3rd World Company Sport Games to be celebrated next year in June 2021. The exact dates of the Games will be announced really soon!

Faced with the unprecedented turn of events, the Greek state recently passed a law that allows businesses in the travel industry to issue a 18-month voucher for hotels, transport and other services. This postponement decision will save the health of everybody as well as economic aspects. In the interest of all and in view of this exceptional and hard situation for everybody, we therefore thank you for giving our Greek colleagues a little time to reorganize. They will communicate to you in a very short delay all needed registration and logistical details, regarding this new edition.

With consistency and flexibility, we will get back to what we love and our shared passion : the sport!

We thank you in advance for your understanding, and we wish you all a lot of courage in this hard period.

Looking forward to see you all in Athens next year.

Didier Besseyre,
World Federation for Company Sport President


Chers amis sportifs,

Dans un premier temps, je souhaiterais exprimer toutes mes pensées et ma solidarité envers les personnes qui souffrent de cette pandémie mondiale.

Nous vivons une époque qui demande un effort sans précédent pour limiter les effets du Covid-19. C'est dans des moments comme ceux-ci que la communauté sportive doit faire preuve de responsabilité et de solidarité, comme elle a d’ailleurs toujours su en faire preuve dans le passé.

Comme vous le savez, un événement comme les Jeux mondiaux du sport d'entreprise, avec plusieurs milliers de participants de plus de 70 nations de tous les continents, nécessite une organisation complexe qui a déjà engendré des coûts. Notre réflexion pour un report s'appuie sur une concertation avec toutes les parties prenantes, les instances sportives, les autorités nationales et européennes, afin de vous assurer un événement le plus sûr possible en terme de santé, qui reste notre première priorité et ensuite préserver un modèle économique correct pour tous.

Sur cette base, en raison de cette situation exceptionnelle et à l'instar des décisions prises pour toutes les grandes organisations sportives internationales, la Fédération Mondiale du Sport d'Entreprise, en accord avec les organisateurs grecs, a décidé de reprogrammer les 3ème Jeux mondiaux du sport d'entreprise d'Athènes en juin 2021. Les dates exactes vous seront indiquées très prochainement !

Face à cette situation exceptionnelle, le gouvernement grec vient de promulguer une loi qui prolonge le délai des avoirs pour les hôtels, les transports et autres services à 18 mois. Ce report préservera la santé de tous et aussi l'aspect économique. Compte tenu de la période qui reste difficile pour tous, nous vous remercions d’accorder quelques jours à nos collègues grecs pour se réorganiser et pour vous communiquer rapidement toutes les modalités pratiques du report et les détails d’inscriptions concernant cette nouvelle édition.

Avec responsabilité et sens de l’adaptation, nous nous retrouverons vite pour vivre notre passion partagée : le sport !

Nous vous remercions d’avance pour votre compréhension et vous souhaitons à toutes et tous beaucoup de courage dans cette période difficile.

Au plaisir de vous revoir l’an prochain à Athènes.

Didier Besseyre,
Président de la Fédération Mondiale du Sport d’Entreprise

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