April 20, 2020


Dear sport friends,

At first, I would to express my solidarity and my deepest thoughts to the people who are suffering by the pandemic.

We are living in times where humanity is making an unprecedented effort to limit the effects of the Covid-19. It is at times like these that sport community needs to show responsibility and solidarity, as we have always used to show.

As you can understand, an event like the World Company Sport Games, with several thousands of participants from more than 70 countries, requires a complex organization and it implies that significant costs have already been incurred. This postponement reflection needed these last days and weeks a complete discussion and commitment with all stakeholders, sport organisations, national and European public authorities in order to ensure for you the most secured event, our first priority, and then ensure a correct economic model for everyone.

As a result of this unprecedented situation and taking into consideration the similar decisions made so far by all the major sport organisation globally – the World Federation for Company Sport has decided, in agreement with the Greek Organising Committee, the rescheduling of the Athens 3rd World Company Sport Games to be celebrated next year in June 2021. The exact dates of the Games will be announced really soon!

Faced with the unprecedented turn of events, the Greek state recently passed a law that allows businesses in the travel industry to issue a 18-month voucher for hotels, transport and other services. This postponement decision will save the health of everybody as well as economic aspects. In the interest of all and in view of this exceptional and hard situation for everybody, we therefore thank you for giving our Greek colleagues a little time to reorganize. They will communicate to you in a very short delay all needed registration and logistical details, regarding this new edition.

With consistency and flexibility, we will get back to what we love and our shared passion : the sport!

We thank you in advance for your understanding, and we wish you all a lot of courage in this hard period.

Looking forward to see you all in Athens next year.

Didier Besseyre,
World Federation for Company Sport President


Chers amis sportifs,

Dans un premier temps, je souhaiterais exprimer toutes mes pensées et ma solidarité envers les personnes qui souffrent de cette pandémie mondiale.

Nous vivons une époque qui demande un effort sans précédent pour limiter les effets du Covid-19. C’est dans des moments comme ceux-ci que la communauté sportive doit faire preuve de responsabilité et de solidarité, comme elle a d’ailleurs toujours su en faire preuve dans le passé.

Comme vous le savez, un événement comme les Jeux mondiaux du sport d’entreprise, avec plusieurs milliers de participants de plus de 70 nations de tous les continents, nécessite une organisation complexe qui a déjà engendré des coûts. Notre réflexion pour un report s’appuie sur une concertation avec toutes les parties prenantes, les instances sportives, les autorités nationales et européennes, afin de vous assurer un événement le plus sûr possible en terme de santé, qui reste notre première priorité et ensuite préserver un modèle économique correct pour tous.

Sur cette base, en raison de cette situation exceptionnelle et à l’instar des décisions prises pour toutes les grandes organisations sportives internationales, la Fédération Mondiale du Sport d’Entreprise, en accord avec les organisateurs grecs, a décidé de reprogrammer les 3ème Jeux mondiaux du sport d’entreprise d’Athènes en juin 2021. Les dates exactes vous seront indiquées très prochainement !

Face à cette situation exceptionnelle, le gouvernement grec vient de promulguer une loi qui prolonge le délai des avoirs pour les hôtels, les transports et autres services à 18 mois. Ce report préservera la santé de tous et aussi l’aspect économique. Compte tenu de la période qui reste difficile pour tous, nous vous remercions d’accorder quelques jours à nos collègues grecs pour se réorganiser et pour vous communiquer rapidement toutes les modalités pratiques du report et les détails d’inscriptions concernant cette nouvelle édition.

Avec responsabilité et sens de l’adaptation, nous nous retrouverons vite pour vivre notre passion partagée : le sport !

Nous vous remercions d’avance pour votre compréhension et vous souhaitons à toutes et tous beaucoup de courage dans cette période difficile.

Au plaisir de vous revoir l’an prochain à Athènes.

Didier Besseyre,
Président de la Fédération Mondiale du Sport d’Entreprise


Strbske Pleso, will host the 15th Winter Sport Games. It will be larger than ever before.

We are looking forward to teams from countries near and far, and preparing an intensive programme for them, focused on two sports days and three social evenings (Thursday to Sunday).

More Info : https://ecwsgslovakia2020.eu/

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On the road for Athens 2020 


Around 50 delegates from WFCS representing 18 countries were present in Athens for two important times of the World Federation for Company Sport : 

The Coordinators Meeting was implemented in order to prepare and visit sport facilities, accommodations places as well as social times meeting places for the third Edition of the Games from 17 th to 21 st June 2020. A wonderful time for participants, really emotional and inspirational in the ground of the Olympic Games. WCSG in Athens in 2020 with no double will be exceptional and memorable time. 



The General Assembly took place on Saturday of the World Federation. Major decisions taken were : 


- Reelection of the new Executive Committee conducted by Didier Besseyre, elected for a new 4 year mandate. The list of members of the Executive Committee is as following : 

o President : Didier Besseyre (France)

o General Secretary : Musa Lami  (Germany)

o Treasurer : Anne Pascale Guedon (France)

o Vice President : Umberto Ilardo (Italy) and Janez Sodrznik (Slovenia)

o Vice President Continent :  Africa (Younes El Mechrafi from Morocco), Asia (JI Yunxi from China) and Europe (Guy de Grauwe from Belgium)

o Deputy General Secretary : Francisco Garcia (Spain)

o Deputy General Treasurer : Haidy Aron Campan (France)

o Members : Spiridon Karavoulis (Greece), Uwe Tronnier (Germany) and Reinhard Sitzler (Austria)

- Galina Gorbatenkova (Latvia), Frédéric Delannoy (France) and Dirk Van Haelter (Belgium) have been elected as members of the Electoral Committee

- Luigi Fortuna (Italy) and Hugues Campan (France) have been elected as members of the Control Comittee


Final time of the GA concerned the election of host cities for World Company Sport Games in 2022 and 2024. The winners are Leon from Mexico in 2022  and Catania from Italy in 2024. 


Five new members have also joined and been accepted by the General Assembly : 


Iran – Iran Association for Company Sport

Morocco – APSEM Association for the Promotion of Company Sport of Morocco

Russia – All Russian Physical culture and Sport Society « Labor Reserves » // Labor Reserves as a full member  // 

Serbia – Serbian Federation for Company Sport

Sweden – The Swedish Association of Healthy Workplaces and Company Sport




The World Federation for Company Sport and Health and the Hellenic Organization for Company Sport and Health invite you to join the 3rd World Company Sport Games 2020 in Greece!


Next 27th of September Paris will host a bunch of activities under one event: EMoCS 2018 in La Defense. Fair (Sport Wellness Lab), exhibition, conferences and even a race to inform and promote company sport during the European Week of Sport (EWoS).

Join the european event for company sport !


To implement sports and physical activity in the workplace: it is the ambitious goal of EMoCS (European Meetings for Company Sport) an European project lead by the European Federation for Company Sport (EFCS) with 8 European partners from Italy, Belgium, France, Finland, Slovenia and Spain, and sponsored by the European Commission and Erasmus+.


After Palma de Mallorca for the first World Company Sport Games, we will be in La Baule from May, 23rd to 27 th 2018, for the second edition. These 2018 Games will be surely an important step in the recent history of the Games.


Didier BESSEYRE, President, and Musa LAMI, General Secretary of the World Federation for Company Sport met with CESA -the Chinese Entreprise Sport Association, earlier this March.

After four years of discussions, WFCS and CESA met in China to further strength their relationship and their common interest in promoting company sport in the country.


President and General Secretary not only discussed terms with the CESA representatives, but also participated in the Ski Rienteering Challenge.


Furthermore, Didier BESSEYRE and Sir Bo CHU, General Director of the Chinese Olympic Committee, were both speakers invitated at the European Summit held in Sofia, Bulgaria end of March.


After Palma de Mallorca for the first World Company Sport Games, we will be in La Baule from May, 23rd to 27 th 2018,  for the second edition. These 2018 Games will be surely an important step in the recent history of the Games.

Located in of one of the most beautiful bays in the world, La Baule welcomes you to make you discover and appreciate its outstanding natural and architectural heritage. Facing the Atlantic Ocean, in south of Brittany, La Baule is well connected: train station directly from Paris in less than three hours by TGV and it is also possible to drive to the Nantes-Atlantique International Airport in one hour.


25 sports are offered in competition. The specific and complete regulations of each sport will be on the “La Baule World Games 2018” website which will be created soon. WFCS and the Organising Committee reserve the right to cancel one or more sport disciplines if the number of participants is not enough to start competitions and tournaments




Palma de Mallorca has hosted the 1st edition of the World Company Sport Games from June 1st to June 5th 2016. Hundreds of companies and their employees were in the balearic islands to benefit from a complete sporting program.


Palma de Mallorca has hosted the 1st edition of the World Company Sport Games from June 1st to June 5th 2016. Hundreds of companies and their employees were in the balearic islands to benefit from a complete sporting program.

Not less than 25 disciplines were represented to allow each one to find the best practice. Athletics, badminton, basketball, beach-volley, bowling, cycling on road, failures, darts, football indoor, football( to 5, 7 and 11), golf, handball, miniature golf, swimming, padel, rugby 7, squash, tennis, table tennis and volley-ball will be proposed to all the employees. This competition was placed under the double sign of an honest and healthy practice of the sport

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