ATHENS WCSG 2021 | 6 > 10 OCTOBER 2021

ATHENS WCSG 2021 | 6 > 10 OCTOBER 2021

The Hellenic Organization for Company Sport and Health is honored to host the 3rd World Company Sport Games that will take place in Athens, Greece from 6th to 10th October 2021.

We are very proud to provide a wide range of sports, with 28 disciplines, that cover the needs, tastes and athletic abilities of all participants.

Athletes of the 3rd WCSG will have the unique opportunity to compete for the first time in renowned sport complexes that were the symbol of sporting glory and an indispensable part of the Olympic legacy of Greece, such us the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens.

The priority of the Organizing Committee of the Athens WCSG2020 is the provision of high quality services, at the capital city of Athens and has therefore managed to obtain all-inclusive packages providing:

Discounted participation fee to the sport/competition entered
4 nights’ BB accommodation at the selected hotel*
Transfer from the Athens International Airport to the selected Hotel*
Transfer from the Hotel to the Athens International Airport *
Entry to the Opening ceremony at the Panathenaic Stadium, the iconic Athenian monument where the Olympic flame takes off on the route to the next Olympic Games host city. Bonus entry to non-accessible parts of the stadium is included!
Entry to the Every Day Social Events and the Closing Ceremony both hosted at a magnificent Acropolis view venue, the National Athletic Club of Athens – Ethnikos”.
Daily unlimited transportation to/from the sports & events’ venues through ATH.ENA Card for using 5 days the ATHENS public transport network:
Athens Metro
Athens Suburban railway (city link)
Electric Trolley
There will be private shuttle to/from the venues that are not accessible through public transportation.

Welcome kit
First Aid assistance on-site
Complementary drinking water at sport facilities
Accredited referees in most sports competition
Participation at the open competition on Saturday, 19 June 2021
Special offers for travel services

With a wide range of packages on offer, to suit every taste and accommodate the needs of all participants, you are guaranteed to find a fitting option at idyllic locations like the Olympic City of Athens or Messinia that will make your time in Greece and your experience at the 3rd WCSG an unforgettable one.

However, for those who want to just register without using the full package, the participation fees are:

Athlete’s: €230 (Golf athlete’s:€265)

Accompanying person’s: €165

The official website helps you to find more information about this event.

Besides, you can download the bulletin with all the information in your language.

– French version

– English version

– German version

Both website and bulletin will be translated in French and German until end of August. Don’t forget to subscribe in our website to receive our latest news.

We are anticipating your arrival!

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