On the road for Athens

On the road for Athens

Around 50 delegates from WFCS representing 18 countries were present in Athens for two important times of the World Federation for Company Sport :

The Coordinators Meeting was implemented in order to prepare and visit sport facilities, accommodations places as well as social times meeting places for the third Edition of the Games from 17 th to 21 st June 2020. A wonderful time for participants, really emotional and inspirational in the ground of the Olympic Games. WCSG in Athens in 2020 with no double will be exceptional and memorable time.

The General Assembly took place on Saturday of the World Federation. Major decisions taken were :

- Reelection of the new Executive Committee conducted by Didier Besseyre, elected for a new 4 year mandate. The list of members of the Executive Committee is as following :

o President : Didier Besseyre (France)

o General Secretary : Musa Lami  (Germany)

o Treasurer : Anne Pascale Guedon (France)

o Vice President : Umberto Ilardo (Italy) and Janez Sodrznik (Slovenia)

o Vice President Continent :  Africa (Younes El Mechrafi from Morocco), Asia (Rambo Xu from China) and Europe (Guy de Grauwe from Belgium)

o Deputy General Secretary : Francisco Garcia (Spain)

o Deputy General Treasurer : Haidy Aron Campan (France)

o Members : Spiridon Karavoulis (Greece), Uwe Tronnier (Germany) and Reinhard Sitzler (Austria)

- Galina Gorbatenkova (Latvia), Frédéric Delannoy (France) and Dirk Van Haelter (Belgium) have been elected as members of the Electoral Committee

- Luigi Fortuna (Italy) and Hugues Campan (France) have been elected as members of the Control Comittee


Final time of the GA concerned the election of host cities for World Company Sport Games in 2022 and 2024. The winners are Leon from Mexico in 2022  and Catania from Italy in 2024.

Five new members have also joined and been accepted by the General Assembly : 

Iran – Iran Association for Company Sport

Morocco – APSEM Association for the Promotion of Company Sport of Morocco

Russia – All Russian Physical culture and Sport Society « Labor Reserves » // Labor Reserves as a full member  // 

Serbia – Serbian Federation for Company Sport

Sweden – The Swedish Association of Healthy Workplaces and Company Sport


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