World Company Sport Games León- December, 2023

World Company Sport Games León- December, 2023

Dear participants,
Dear sports friends,

As you know, the 3rd World Company Sport Games that were supposed to take place in 2022 in León have been postponed and will be held in Mexico, León during december 2023.

This decision follows consultation with all stakeholders, sports organisations, national and European authorities, to ensure an event that meets everyone's concerns: quality of organization, health security and good economic conditions.

We guarantee appropriate, transparent and responsible communication. Do not hesitate, if necessary, to contact us as you already do, via your team or company managers. Please confirm your intention to participate and contact the organising committee (

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You will find in our gallery some memories from the previous World Company Sport Games.

We hope to see many of you for an exceptional 2023 edition of the León World Games.


President of the WFCS




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