5th edition of the World Company Sport Games

5th edition of the World Company Sport Games

From June 19 to June 23, 2024, the 5th edition of the World Company Sport Games will take place in Catania, organized by CSAIn. You can find all the information about the games on the website wcsgcatania2024.it.

CSAIn is also making its mark on the international stage. The choice of Catania has a strategic vision. First and foremost, in terms of services, the presence of an international airport and a well-structured hotel facility provides a significant logistical advantage for a world event that will bring together thousands of participants and dozens of nations for this global gathering.

« Doing with quality and enthusiasm » is the CSAIn tradition in sports, culture, leisure, and social tourism. The World Company Sport Games in Catania 2024 will be a fantastic opportunity to introduce our beautiful Sicilian land to approximately 4,000 athletes and 2,000 accompanying individuals coming from three continents and around thirty countries. In addition to competing in sports, in the currently planned 29 sports disciplines and 3 paralympic disciplines, with a meticulously designed program, we will also deepen their knowledge of our territory, our history, art, culture, and natural beauty.

World Company Sport Games mean that executives, technicians, employees, and workers from the largest European and global companies will be present. Together, in true « Olympic » style, they will engage in various disciplines with the primary goal of having fun but also achieving sporting milestones and standing on the podium.

These Games will represent a great opportunity for cultural exchange and understanding among peoples. A major event in sports tourism and leisure.

An eruption of emotions!



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